18 News Stories That 'Forgot' Context

Well, maybe Steve Harvey's gaff was some sort of karmic retribution in the end.
18 News Stories That 'Forgot' Context

The media loves a good dramatic story. Even more than that, the media loves leaving out key details to make an already dramatic story into an ultra dramatic one.

But, fortunately, this whole planet lives on the Internet, where a stone shall never go unturned and those key details never stay hidden long.

The Netflix series, Making A Murderer, had many viewers convinced that Manitowoc officials framed Steven Avery for murder as retaliation for a civil l
In September 2015, Pope Francis visited the United States in which he addressed Congress. During his speech, he drank from a glass of water. After the
Steve Harvey shocked the world when he announced the wrong Miss Universe on live television, but some weren't surprised Miss Colombia lost. MISS COLQK
CRACKED.COM ILE RETS/ The story: Zouheir, a Muslim security guard at Stade de France heroically saved the lives of thousands of people when, after fin
Nanstes V20BETA7 GRAGKED X Fie Actione Helb D Lbay Sowrh HoLiet Tinrvene Decowe FieSire In 20001 Metallica sued file sharing pioneers Napster for copy
CRACKED COM HARRIS KLEBOLD Columbine massacre, The Story: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold; two bullied loners finally snapped and gunned down 13 people
In all the stories about the lawsuits resulting from, Chicago police officers shooting black men; CAUGHT ON TAPE NEW VIDEO SHOWS CHICAGO COP KILLING U
Residents of Flint, Michigan, were angry to learn that state employees in the city were being shipped purified water in water coolers almost a year be
In November 2015, Turkey shot down a Russian jet because it ignored warnings to leave its airspace. But many news outlets didn't talk about the fact t
Following the attacks. on Paris on 13 November 2015, various news accounts of the attackers emerged. These included such descriptions as that the atta
CRACKED GO Many Italians were outraged over the decision to cover nude statues in order to avoid offending Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during his
The Story Natalia Poklonskaya, a Crimean prosecutor, became an Internet sensation in 2014 because of her cute face. Since then, countless news surface
Josh Duggar's father took him to see trooper him an Arkansas state to give a stern talk about his behavior molesting young girls. The officer didn't r
Florida governor Rick Scott made national news after passing legislation (which was later repealed) requiring potential food stamp recipients to pass
CRACKED.COM El Salvador government officials are discouraging women from getting pregnant until 2018 because of the Zika virus. However, birth control
Volkswagen was busted after it was discovered that they were cheating and their diesel cars were emitting pollutants over 40 times more than they were
In 2012, Hobby Lobby filed a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act's requirement that companies provide health insurance coverage for contracept

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