When it comes to making a new, fantastic film, filmmakers are willing to go to any length to ensure that the final product is flawless. However, they, like basically everyone in any job, are frequently confronted with a variety of issues. They must overcome numerous challenges and adjust to emerging issues in order to expose an upcoming movie to the world.

We all know that filmmaking is more than just a bunch of performers reciting lines from a screenplay while a camera records everything. To elevate your film from made-for-TV-but-specifically-made-for-SyFy to made-for-SyFy, you'll need a lot of meticulous direction, editing, and cinematography.

But, even beyond that, there are a slew of small details that a filmmaker must include in their film to make it truly remarkable — some of which even go so far as to deceive you into feeling a certain way while viewing a scene. So bring your popcorn plus a glass of coke because we're discussing stuff like...

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