Celebrities' private relationships have now become prime prey for assault in the realm of celebrity gossip, as tabloids frequently prey on horrific happenings in the old days.

It's easy to overlook that superstars are people, too, with their lavish photo ops, endless attention and supposedly ideal lives. Despite their gleaming exteriors, many celebrities, such as the vast majority of the human community, have had terrible pasts and also have gone on to be independent people. Everyone has a fascinating story to tell, and the celebrities listed here are no exception.

We prefer to look down our noses at celebrities for their opulent, extravagant lifestyles as if their excesses somehow invalidate them as productive members of society.

Well, you know, not all of those people deserve to be judged so harshly. It turns out that a lot of famous people have had some fairly bad luck in their lives to get to where they are now. We're talking about absolutely jaw dropping things like...

Entry by 3mpetri

Keanu At the age of 3, his father left their family. Reeves At the age of 23, his closest friend River Phoenix died of a drug overdose. Eight months i

Entry by Scott Laffey

When Abraham Lincoln was just nine years old, his mother died of milk sickness. His overwhelmed father would beat him hardheartedly, eventually leavin

Entry by notmyaccount

Robert Downey Jr. was given his first film role by his father, at age 5. He was given his first marijuana, also by his father, at age 6. CRACKEDCOMT

Entry by woweewow

Pamela Anderson CRACKED recently revealed that she had been molested by a female babysitter from the time she was 6-yrs old and raped by a 25-yr old m

Entry by CheezyWorm22

Drew Barrymore -Began nightclubbing, drinking and smoking cigarettes at age 9. -Started smoking pot at 10. -Snorting cocaine at 12. -Was checked into

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