Contrary to what your sixth-grade self said, science is actually pretty cool and not at all only for people who deserve wedgies on the daily. Not even swirlies! Which, now that we know more about science, are even grosser. Yeah, the more we grow up, the more we think about, the more we think we should've paid attention in biology, chemistry, psychology…you know what? Let's skip ahead, we should've been paying attention in every class, if we're being honest.

Science, it turns out, is pretty goshdarn cool. Between explaining actions and reactions and helping to give us Breaking Bad ("Magnets, bitch!"),  it's also pretty useful for telling us all about the little things in life that really bug the shit out of us. Oh, and heads up: try not to itch or scratch too much while reading. Like, moisturize your skin really well.

What kind of things are we referring to? Well, we'll let our readers explain ...

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