14 Popular Trends That Prove The World's Always Been Insane

Yard glasses were popularized in the 17th Century and not by the local apes at the frat house down the street.
14 Popular Trends That Prove The World's Always Been Insane

The more exposure to the planet the information age provides us, the more society likes to claim that people are dumber than ever. But it turns out that if you just research a history book or two, you'll discover that folks today aren't stupider -- their idiocy is just more readily documentable.

To help illustrate this, we asked our readers to take a Google trip down memory lane to reveal that, indeed, the human race has always been majorly populated by total dipshits.

LORD BYRON WAS SO FAMOUS THAT HE GENERATED A VERITABLE BYROMANIA Byron got the full celebrity treatment 200 years ago. The press would often report on
WHEN THERE WERE PHONE TELEPHONE BOOTHS there were also people who tried to cram as many as POssibLE inside one. Mr. Kent wouldn't have approved CRAGKE
Cinnamon challenge? That's stupid, right? GOLDFISH CHALLENGE ON THE OTHER HAND... In 1939, Time magazine and other news outlets reported on a fad of g
ORACKEDEON ANTINCUBATORS INCUBAS FANT WITC IVING INFANTS From 1896 until the 1940s, thousands of people paid to see premature babies being incubated a
Polish plait was a 14th century fad that persisted well until the 19th century in Poland. People back then would go out of their way to not wash and c
For a long time, we believed that the natural process of teething was KILLING BABIES. A 16th century surgeon came up with the idea of slicing open the
ILLLSTATED CRACKEDCON A POLICE NEWS 11 IIN IXT ELS EYintI Fasting girls were Victorian era girls who supposedly lived without eating. 12-year-old Sara
CRACKEDCON Ancient painting and artifacts from the Mediterranean and Middle East depict the Port of bull leaping, feat in which athletes would do ha
In the 18th century, a pastor blamed earthquakes on Benjamin Franklin and his bedeviled lightning rods. The more Points of Iron are erected round the
In the 8th century, Charlemagne presented the Holy Foreskin to Pope Leo II as a gift. Soon several other Holy Foreskins appeared; the trend lasted sev
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CRACKED.CON Still seen in pubs today, yard glasses were popularized in 17th century England and filled with ale instead of beer. To avoid being spla
Tuberculosis was dubbed The Romantic Disease in the 19th Century, fashonable to die by it as being a beautifully artistic way to die. This fad beg
Think the anti-vaccination movement is a new thing? A CURSE, GRAI VACCINATION BULLETIN Liberty. Aed fe Permsal e OF The Anti-Vaccination League of A

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