Remember that the iconic MGM opener of a lion howling was a picture of a lion getting examined at the vet's office? Fortunately, the lion recovered completely and is currently in perfect condition. Moreover, there have been seven lions used to produce the MGM entrance, with the present one, Leo, appearing in almost all of the films since 1957. Frankly, it doesn’t seem like a bad gig.

While in some sense photo manipulation is a very new concept, it touches on an ancient impulse. It turns out that humans have been deceiving the world for ages by altering photographs creatively. We challenged you to show us your finest examples.

The expression 'fake news' has rapidly gained popularity, yet all of our vigilant eyes can be readily tricked with today's modern photo manipulation techniques. How many more of these photographs do you believe are 100 percent true, from the famous rice surge to the renowned picture of the first smack in history? 

Ready yourself for some eye-opening photos that will prove that you simply cannot trust whatever you see on the internet. This collection created by Cracked will reveal to you the fact, but sometimes the harsh reality, underlying Internet-famous photographs.

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