21 Famous Movie Twists That Rip Massive Holes In The Plot

You could dig a plot hole to China and it'd still make more sense than these.
21 Famous Movie Twists That Rip Massive Holes In The Plot

We like to give directors a lot of credit for being clever in how a story ends up. But, as it turns out, the story plays out in kind of a silly manner that doesn't make a whole lot of sense when you stop to think about it for about a minute or two.

We teamed up with amazing image wizard AuntieMeme to show you some plot twists that may have seemed pretty awesome at first, but were really kind of anything but.

SPOILER ALERT At the end of Back to the Future, we learn that Doc kept Marty's note. At first we think he's been killed, but then he reveals his bulle
SPOILER ALERT In WALL-E, we learn that Auto has secret orders never to return to Earth. So, why did it send EVE? EVE'S whole reason for visiting Earth
SPOILER ALERT In Fight Club, we learn that Tyler Durden doesn't exist. So how can he drive a car? In one scene, Tyler is shown driving a car, with Ed
SPOILER ALERT In the Star Trek reboot, Kirk is marooned on an ice planet, where he bumps into TOS Spock. How is that even possible? Putting aside how
SPOILER ALERT At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman passes the bat cave to Robin. Bruce Wayne fakes his own death, and leaves a Bat Cave map to
SPOILER ALERT In The Empire Strikes Back, 'Vader says to Luke I am your father. How has he not found Luke until nOw? Vader, the Emperor, and Luke hi
SPOILER ALERT The twist in The Usual Suspects is that Kint is Soze. Verbal Kint spends the movie in the police station, describing enigmatic criminal
SPOILER ALERT In The Terminator; The man John Connor sends back in time to protect his mother winds up knocking her up. So how does Connor send him ba
SPOILER ALERT The big twist in The Sixth Sense is that Dr. Crowe is dead. It's a movie about a little boy who sees ghosts, and the psychiatrist he con
21 Famous Movie Twists That Rip Massive Holes In The Plot
SPOILER ALERT In the deadly sins-based thriller Se7en, Tracy's head is in the box. Doe put it there SO Mills will become wrath. Was John Doe improvisi
SPOILER ALERT The Ocean's Eleven pull a switch, replacing stacks of money with stacks of Vegas hooker flyers. But when did they swaipp them out? The w
SPOILER ALERT In Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow uses a stolen magic coin to make himself immortal. Then he uses it again to make his enemy mor
SPOILER ALERT In Perfect Stranger, Halle Berry's character was the killer all along. So why was she scared, even when she was alone? She's shown snoop
SPOILER ALERT In Signs, the invading aliens are killed by water. Why would they invalde Eorth? These are creatures who have mastered space travel and
SPOILER ALERT Suprise! FBI agent Dylan Rhodes is the mysterious mastermind in Now You See Me. Apparently FBI agents have tons of free time. Somehow Rh
SPOILER ALERT In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we learn Mad-eye is the bad guy in disguise. How did he fool Dumbledore? Albus Dumbledore has kn
SPOILER ALERT In Matchstick Men, Nic Cage plays a con man who is conned into believing he has a daughter. A single phone call would have exposed the c
SPOILER ALERT In Die Hard, it turns out the terrorists are actually robbers pretending to be terrorists. In fact, that's the plot of all the Die Hard
21 Famous Movie Twists That Rip Massive Holes In The Plot
SPOILER ALERT In The Prestige, Angier does his disappearing man trick by cloning himself every night, and killing the clone. Why not just make one C


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