The 18 Most Ridiculous Things Worth Ridiculous Money

Before throwing any of your weird junk a way, it helps to turn to the Internet to see if any obsessive collectors will buy it from you first.
The 18 Most Ridiculous Things Worth Ridiculous Money

Look, we all had weird things we collected growing up: Stamps, coins, Pogs, Magic: The Gathering cards. But we grew out of that stuff a long time ago.

Well, almost all of us did. As our readers are about to show you, it turns out that some people just graduated from collecting the usual stuff to collecting things no one really should be. So before you start throwing your trash out, take a gander below, because someone on this list will definitely buy it from you.

Those metal shirts ou WOr back in the 80'5? CRACKED.OON are highly sought after collectibles. Authentic vintage shirts can fetch hundreds, even thousa
min j Ope Hoi July Pper Sohtit chlit The BEERTha The BEER Thal Jlade Famoes ilade Jlilcaukee Fams It's just trash, right? Think again. Old, empty 'vin
Found stash of old a Playboy magazines under your dad's bed? Appraise them. Old Playboy magazines from the 1950's, when Hugh Hefner first started publ
CRACKEDCO Chamber pots were used by our ancestors to ease their burden and PSEXOERS. now are sold to collectors for prices high as $3870.
otany old nail polish bottles? There are people who dedicate their. lives to collectinig discontinued nail. polish with COLORS that are hard to find.
A subculture of people collect vacuum cleaners. There are even conventions held all across America for these cleaning enthusiasts. JAMES BROWN OWNS TH
CRACKED.COM If you find ever things RC Y00 PERECTT RECTAL DILATORS like this at your PES OONSTIPATON grandparent's house, first stop screaming (take y
Yes, Virginia, there really are aluminum Christmas trees. They aren't an inven tion of the Charlie Brown Christmas special Popular and cheap in the 19
Sugar Sugar Sugar WEAGHIT WEIGHT WVEICH WEIGHT NET NET NET NET NET NET WEIGHT WEA WEIGHT Sugar Sugar Sugare Sugare A lot of people, particularly in th
You don't need psychotic a obsession to cotlect business cards. Think of it like a Linked- in for people who love small printed documents. The America
CRACKED With arcades dying out, people don't Just collect the people PS games, are looking for tokens, too. MACH Smaller OF regional ones do well, as
CRACKEDcO 4ofsovi Carolina TPae aeils BABY SOAP Dine ul CAMAY. st7 s7 MYED HOTELS Holel Rodneu Hotel Rodneu GREEK LINE GREEK LINE Beuquet CEORCE FINER
Poople may be interested in your old pro-digital photos and slides. r 20 Zion ABOAD rA 3070 Ordinary slidesand photos from random strangers' vacations
$708 ampnr Mirin K ROMA MARSHMA $263ee $248 For most people, candy containers are just a reminder Of sweeter days or a place to hide drugs. But for so
People are now (voluntarily) collecting AOL CD's in the thousands, with inline MELICA some paying over 104 1000 Sign Omn Hours Todav! $25 for rarer Fr
CRACKEDCON Of COURSE people collect condoms. (unused) PURPLE RAI NIM Gais KI KONDOMZ FUCKED ncith LATEC CC''Don Prince Condom Empty Jar of Nine Inch N
DOLLS LVE There 1500 known doll are over sex collectors active online. The largestcollection telongs to Bob Gibbins, who lives in the OK with Gis wife

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