Look, we all had weird things we collected growing up: Stamps, coins, Pogs, Magic: The Gathering cards. But we grew out of that shit a long time ago.

Well, almost all of us did. As our readers are about to show you, it turns out that some people just graduated from collecting the usual stuff to collecting things no one really should be. So before you start throwing your trash out, take a gander below, because someone on this list will definitely buy it from you.

Entry by Mozartella

otany old nail polish bottles? There are people who dedicate their. lives to collectinig discontinued nail. polish with COLORS that are hard to find.

Entry by mkad

CRACKED With arcades dying out, people don't Just collect the people PS games, are looking for tokens, too. MACH Smaller OF regional ones do well, as

Entry by djHanDon

$708 ampnr Mirin K ROMA MARSHMA $263ee $248 For most people, candy containers are just a reminder Of sweeter days or a place to hide drugs. But for so

Entry by ships888

DOLLS LVE There 1500 known doll are over sex collectors active online. The largestcollection telongs to Bob Gibbins, who lives in the OK with Gis wife

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