24 Insane Features Of IRL Houses

Buy these homes now. Worry about the financial stuff later. You're welcome.
24 Insane Features Of IRL Houses

Home buying is a tough thing to do: Figuring out the whens, whats, and wheres is something that requires careful consideration. But, you know, sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind. And by that we mean that the when is now, the what is these houses, and the where is wherever these houses are.

We tasked our readers with finding the most radical houses on the planet to help you expedite your home-buying experience. You're welcome.

This luxurious home has a nice pool, an elegant living room, a huge front yard, and beautifull larchitecture. Oh yeah, and a hidden garage underneath:
Enter Tehran's Sharifi-Ha, a house that twists like a Rubik's Cube with the push of a button. It is divided by three sections that you can twist based
CRACKED CONT Want to get away from those annoying neighbors? That little white speck is the most isolated house in the world. It's on the island of
Ainvie lochls dream home CRACKED.COM on Soind ngincer, Jeremy OVu ipie house has a $6 mAllion home theatre cuith 72 @mplificro 8250:000-47 3D BroJecto
CRACKEDG COND Would you fike a housc on top of a volcano? Then Volcano House is for you. If you don't mind living in the middle of the Mojave desert..
This three-story house in Nakameguro, Japan has an unusual means to descend to the lower floor: by slides. The house is encircled with slides on one s
D BECAUSE THE SWING I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex. 'NUFF SAID! BALANCING BARN THORINGTON, MRVDV SUFFOLK, UK BY
Chameleon The House in Northport, Michigan Built in a cherry orchard overlooking Lake Michigan, the home is designed to compliment the landscape by re
If you enjoy perfect isolation, why not purchase Wolf Trap Lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia? It's a real fixer-upper on the inside but as it's l
'The House on Turtle Mountain' in Kamakura, Japan is placed smack dab in the middle of a bamboo forest, where you can also swim in natural ponds and w
Fom the ouSideo this Dooks like ann ordinary house. CRAU But it has one of the Iargest home aquariums in the world! And as you probably guessed, the o
This house in Oregon has its own train station. Yes, you read that right! The owner made a rideable model and railroad aroundthe house. For $3. 5 mill
Tired of daylight and fresh air? Who isn't?!? 26 ft beneath Las Vegas NV sits a bunker house built to survive a nuclear attack in style. The 2 bedroom
CRACKED COM Gary Chang's Domestic Transformer in Hong Kong 344 square foot apartment able to change into 24 different designs by just sliding panels
This glass and steel architectural masterpiece sits cliffside, 150 feet above Lake Tahoe Thebrainchild of alchitect Mark Dziewulski features a breatht
This $72 million house that belonged to Celine Dion has very large and luxurious rooms which combined make 10,000 square fect. prrey But the best part
This replica of The Flinstones' home was previously owned by Dick Clark. It features a 360 view of the Pacific Ocean and is made out of stone.
CRACKED.COM Heliodome France Summer Solstice in is a three-story house that Equlnox adjusts its living space temperature based on the position of the
BRITANNIA MANOR Looks rather plain... Except that it has an observatory and tons of secret rooms, passageways, dungeons, and other hidden chambers.
You can buy the exotic and renovated house that was thome of TTony Montana in Scarface for albout $18 mlllion tiger INOT lincluded).
On The World, you don't book a cabin for a week or two, you buy an apartment and cruise around places all across the world. You also have the luesury
Nestled in the trees, this house is acoustically designed to enhance the sound of nature and bring it inside:
GRACKEDO If you absolutely don't want any neighbors get your own private island like Brecqhou of the Channel lslands which is owned by the Barclay Bro

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