22 Scandals People Forgot

22 Scandals People Forgot

It's not that we view famous people through rose-tinted glasses -- quite the opposite in fact. It's just that we expect them to do terrible stuff, so then we just kind of forget about it. But it turns out that the shit we forget was overshadowing some other shit that they did that was equally, if not more, awful than the shit we forgot they did.

We'll start with the arguable god father of the listicle, David Letterman, with his venerable top ten lists, who also happened to have affairs with his staff.  Whoopsie doodles…frankly though, this anecdote feels less disappointing than the revelations of where Bear Grylls actually sleeps when he is out in the wild. C'mon man!

To clarify here, we teamed up with the next Perez Hilton, AuntieMeme, to re-introduce into evidence some of the awful stuff done by celebrities that you probably never even knew about. So, if you're in the mood to be disappointed by your heroes, scroll on!


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