21 Bizarre Coincidences You Won't Believe Happened

It happens more often than you think: coincidences that seem like they were written by a third-rate screenwriter on basic cable.
21 Bizarre Coincidences You Won't Believe Happened

Look, we're not going to play to that whole "illuminati control the world" hubbub that crazy people get on about. But, come on, the whole point of happenstance is that there's not supposed to be some sort of mind-blowing connection between those involved. And yet it happens all the time: coincidences that seem like they were written by a third-rate screenwriter on basic cable.

We teamed up with head Shadow Person AuntieMeme to bring you some coincidences that will make you want to get out your tinfoil hat.

Frano Selak is often referred to as The Luckiest Man Alive. He has survived: A train jumping the rails and into an icy river Being thrown out of a p
Despite the fact that only 10% of the U.S. population is left-handed, 5 of the past 7 U.S. presidents have been left-handed. In fact, nearly every pre
Wilmer McLean decided to move when the Civil War broke out on his doorstep. Literally. Both Battles of Bull Run happened in his front yard. The Civil
In July 1975, Erskine Lawrence Ebbin was killed by a taxi while riding his moped on a Bermuda street. Erskine Lawrence Ebbin was knocked down taxi by
When the Yankees lost the 2001 World Series, Enrique Wilson changed his flight. VORK MEL That move saved his life. Utility infielder Enrique Wilson li
In his last film, Game of Death, Bruce Lee played an actor who was killed by a prop gun loaded with a real bullet. Lee's son Brandon was killed by a p
Violet Jessop served aboard the Titanic and her two sister ships, the Olympic and the Britannic. All 3 ships were in collisions. The Olympic collided
Edwin Booth, brother of Presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth, was boarding a train in late 1864 or 1865 when he noticed a man was at risk of being
Astronauts Neil Armstrong and John Glenn are both from Ohio. XGTONG In fact, SO far Ohio has produced 25 astronauts, and Ohio has the highest percenta
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day. That day was July 4, 1826... 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Adam
Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence's Vacations: September 11th, 2001: New York City IMT July 7th, 2005: London November, 2008: Mumbai CRACKED.COM David J
When Michael Dick went looking for the daughter he hadn't seen in 10 years, he had this photo taken to aid the search. MISS AGE: SEX: He found her. LA
Kennedy predicted his own assassination. On the morning of November 22, 1963, JFK told his wife: We're entering nut country today. But, Jackie, if so
Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb fell. The explosion flipped him through the air and dropped him in a potato patch. So he went
In 1867, John D. Rockefeller missed his train. He was punctual to a fault, and it was the first train he'd ever missed. That train jumped the tracks,
One scene in Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket took place in a ship lost at sea. Out of food, the four crewmen drew lo
In 1902, in St. Pierre, Martinque, Louis-Auguste Ludger Sylbaris was locked up for drunken brawling. the cell before after While Ludger was in the t
Halley's Comet was in the sky when Mark Twain was born. The next time it appeared was the day Twain died. And he predicted it. I came in with Halley'
Park ranger ROY C. Sullivan was struck by lightning 7 times, and survived. (More like spark ranger, right?) The odds of the same person getting struck
Adopted as a baby, James Edward Lewis married a woman named Linda, then divorced her and married a woman named Betty, with whom he had a son named Jam
American author Morgan Robertson wrote a book called Futility or the Wreck of the Titan, about the sinking of Titan, an unsinkable ocean liner. In t

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