23 Weird Ways Your Body Betrays Your Personality

Print this out, make a book, and stick it in your pocket so you'll never be caught with your pants down the next time you're talking to the face of an actual person.
23 Weird Ways Your Body Betrays Your Personality

Figuring out people is super tough. And it's even tougher in a world where we are increasingly find more and more ways not to interact with human beings on a face-to-face level.

Fortunately for you we teamed up with the always amazing AuntieMeme to put together a "How To" on basic human behavior. Print it out, make a book, and stick it in your pocket so you'll never be caught with your pants down the next time you're talking to the face of an actual person.

you can tell frorn a weoran's gait... whether she has frequent vaginal orgasrs. Women who experience vaginal Os have a longer, more confident stride,
Want to find a man who will last longer in bed? choose chubby. Researchers in Turkey found that overweight men averaged 7.3 minutes in the sack, as op
Got a lopsided face? you should be in charge. While people with symmetrical features tend to be richer, studies show that people with asymmetrical fac
Wondering if sornebody's truly interested in what you're Saying? Lpok for a head-tilt. If the person you're speaking to tilts their head, leaning thei
Need to know if soreone wants to be kissed? Watch their lips. When we're around people we're attracted to, blood flows to our lips and makes them full
If you're looking for a successful man to hang out with... pick the guy who's clean-shaven. A study in Behavioral Ecology found that beardless men are
Wondering about soreone's political leanings? Watch their eye movernent. A conservative's eyes will stay focused on you, as you're talking to them. A
Want to find sorrebody sweet? Lpok for Soroeone with a sweet tooth. Five different studies showed that people who prefer sugary snacks are more likely
you can tell whether a man is a nurturer... 2 3 4 By the ize of his nuts. Scientists at Emory University found that men with smaller testicles were mo
Sorreone who wears expensive designer clothes right be rich. CHANEL Or they might just be insecure. People who cover themselves in designer labels may
Want to know if a person is into you? count their blinks. Blinking more than the average 6-10 times per minute is a good indicator that a person is at
you can figure out soreone's personality at a glance... REACE LUME By looking at their shoes. New/well-maintainedf footwear: Anxious and clingy. Pract
you can tell if a man is attracted to You... by the length of his gaze. In a study, men looked into the eyes of actresses they considered beautiful fo
Wondering if that guy at the gyro is gay? check hirn out while he's in the shower. The Kinsey institute found that gay men have consistently larger pe
Don't be fooled by a baby face. Scientists have found that many baby-faced grown-ups, particularly young men, overcompensate by developing tough-guy p
Wondering whether a man is trusteorthy? Take a look at his eekbones. Scientists in Scotland found that men with wider cheekbones not only cheated more
How do you spot insecurity? Lpok at a person's hands. A person who feels strong and confident will spread their fingers wide. Insecurity makes people
If you're looking for soreone playful and passionate... Lpok for sorneone weearing orange. Color therapists say that people who are fond of wearing or
Trying to decide between sueirming and track? Check your belly button. People with high belly buttons make good runnerS, while people with low belly b
Wondering if sorebody has a healthy heart? check out their earlobes. Scientists who analyzed autopsy reports of people who died of heart disease found
Looking for a one-night stand? Lpok at a woroan's hips. A study done at the University of Leeds found that the women who had the most sexual partners
If a woran cradles her baby in her right arro... She right be depressed. Regardless of right- or left-handedness, it's human instinct to cradle a baby
If you're looking for an honest person... choose the one with orange fingers. Psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch says cheese curl eaters hav

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