There are no lizard people, or illuminati, or aliens disguising themselves as human beings that secretly run this planet. But there are a handful of individuals who are responsible for shaping all of pop culture.

With the help of our readers, below you'll find pretty much everyone who is responsible for everything we love (and hate) about pop culture today.

Entry by Kevin King

Beth Mccarthy-Miller has established a career as a very prolific TV director. She has eight Emmy nominations and has directed episodes of 30 Rock, Com

Entry by Jose Canyusi

Introducing visual effects artist John Knoll, senior visual effects supervisor for Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm's visual effects studio respons

Entry by Kevin King

It's a common misconception that Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy) is involved with his other show American Dad. He provides the voice for two

Entry by Comunacho

CRACKEDCO ASAIt AVATAR GREEN LANTERN Demaoy BAIMAIN Dfsepls DDUy AE Casting and voice director Andrea Romano has set the tone in dozens of video games

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