23 Ding-Dong Flaws In Fictional Technology


It's fiction, we get it. That being said, that doesn't excuse the inexcusable, which we'll say is presenting something ridiculous and then expecting the audience to just turn a blind eye and come along for the ride.


That's not how we roll around here, not at all. It's our job to point out such brazen flaws. What else would we do? We can't just eat McGriddles all day long. So that’s why we decided to get our readers into the act, too. Why should we have all the fun? So that’s exactly what we did.

The technology in sci-fi movies leaves us in such awe that we often don't notice the little imperfections. We asked you to show us why that awesome technology is really not that awesome and sure had a lot of fun chowing McGriddles and going through the entries. Cracked readers have shown us some of the bigger flaws within made-up technology.

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