26 Everyday 'Solutions' That Make Everything Worse

26 Everyday 'Solutions' That Make Everything Worse

Hey, guess what? All that stuff you do that you think makes you healthier or makes the planet better or makes puppies and kittens dance a salsa together? None of it works!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's probably in your best interest to hear the truth. We asked our readers to research some things we do all the time to see how effective they really are. The results are below ...

Entry by CDO9

In efforts to make Earth a cleaner place, you may be harming yourself. Look out for this sign PET on your plastic containers of water, soda etc. Reusi

Entry by CDO9

We all sweat during the night, therefore our beds are moist in the morning. Mites thrive in that wettish environment. Making the bed right away traps

Entry by MaryLP

Parents limit their children's sugar intahe to avnid that sugaR rush but studies haue Shoun that for most hids. sugar had little effert an hehavior A

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