Hey, guess what? All that stuff you do that you think makes you healthier or makes the planet better or makes puppies and kittens dance a salsa together? None of it works!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's probably in your best interest to hear the truth. We asked our readers to research some things we do all the time to see how effective they really are. The results are below ...

Entry by maximoo

Shampooing your hair everyday is not only uncessary, it might also be harmful. Unless you have very oily or fine hair, a daily shampoo is probably str

Entry by CDO9

In efforts to make Earth a cleaner place, you may be harming yourself. Look out for this sign PET on your plastic containers of water, soda etc. Reusi

Entry by Comunacho

CRACKED COM 9 8 7 10 9 While suppressing anger is unhealthy, venting does not decrese your anger. Two proven things that do work are distracting yours

Entry by Moedred

A reflective windshield sun shade might prevent a parked car's interior surfaces and electronics from breaking down... someday. But for people, a stud

Entry by maximoo

GRAOD Stretching before a workout can actually be detrimental. A review of 104 studies found that stretching beforehand reduced muscle strength during

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