The movie wise man is typically a character of unquestionable knowledge. Of course, upon closer inspection, this tends to not be the case. We asked you to take a look at some wise words "smart" characters have imparted to the audience and expose them for the bullshit they are. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by dardafdti

CRACKEDo GOM 2 WIHO After arriving at an alien planet, Charlize Theron comments that they're half a billion miles from Earth, which would put them j

Entry by Adogg1991

CRACKED.COM Admiral, if we go bY the book'. like Lieutenant Saavik, hours could seem like days. The situation is grave, Admiral. We won't have main

Entry by Danzy

Ladies, gentlemen, and transgendered species... Actually Data, Transgendered is going from one gender to another. What you mean is androgynous.

Entry by adalialives

CRACKEDco GOM I've reversed the polarity of the neutron flow! NEUTRONS are NEUTRAL. They don't have a polarity. They remain STATIONARY in the nucleu

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