Sneaky References Developers Snuck Into Video Games

Sneaky References Developers Snuck Into Video Games

Ferris Bueller once said, "Life's short -- spend all your time playing video games so you won't miss all the jokes developers have painstakingly hidden in them." Or something like that.

But, hey, we're here to help and maybe even get you to put the controller down and go outside. We asked our readers to show us the humorous easter eggs game makers have hidden for our enjoyment. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by tdirty

Let's meet Bernard Gump the <Florist> he sells flowers in stormwind. FLORIST GUMP Thanks, World of Warcraft. CRACKED.COM

Entry by Quo

Iuka Cola In Fallout 3, the inventor of Nuka-Cola is mentioned to be JOHN-CALEB BRADBERTON This name is actually an amalgamation of the inventors of C

Entry by tdirty

Larion and Muigin from goro. Micin Lario and Muigi. Mario and Luigi. Larion World of Warcraft was tricky with these names, but they dress in in red &

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