18 Historical Events That We Get Wrong

It's time for some real talk. Real HISTORY talk.
18 Historical Events That We Get Wrong

We all go through life thinking we have a pretty good understanding of history. But sometimes, what we think happened in the past…didn't actually happen that way at all. 

Most of us learned about history in school. Or at least we think we did. As we all know, schools tend to get a lot of things wrong. From Columbus discovering America to the Revolutionary War, here are some historical events that we often get wrong. Spoiler alert: George Washington was not actually a very good military strategist! Read on for more fun facts about history.

The fact is, we've acquired some pretty questionablee historical knowledge, whether through Hollywood conjurings, incorrect lectures, or lousy word-of-mouth. Thankfully, we take pride in debunking all of that nonsense and delivering you with the hot truth here at Cracked.

To assist us, we invited our readers to drop some mind-blowing knowledge bombs on us. Now we're going to share them with you. So don’t just stand there, scroll on down for some historical events that everyone gets wrong…

CRACKEDcO acked By North Korea hacked SONY right? Probably not. While the actual culprits have never been identified, many cyber security experts have
MAGELLAN WAS NOT THE FIRST PERSON TO SAIL AROUND THE WORLD. He died in the Philippines part of the way through the journey. History promptly forgot th
BRAVAEHEART BRAVEHEART The name Braveheart was not given to William Wallace, it Was given to the king Robert the Bruce, the one who betrayed Wallace
GRACKEDCOM An apple Sir Isaac never fell on Newton's head, andthere is no evidence his theory about gravity was really inspired by a afalling apple. T
The Red Planet is a colorful planet! The Mars seems to appear in reddish color when viewed from earth, due to the presence of iron on its surface. B
CRACKEDcO COM FDR beat Herbert Hoover in a landslide because Hoover wouldn't do anything about the Great Depression? In fact FDR criticized Hoover for
GRIGORI RASPUTIN... Always depicted as an evil man in fiction Anastasia (Evil sorcerer ave WO Th A TE 4 - Hellboy ANERLL 4TOOM.THEY A MUIGITY OL (Evil
Famed scientist, inventor and botanist George Washington Carver discovered over 300 uses for the peanut including a type of fuel, but contrary to popu
Hey, Vlad! Sorry! We Wrong gotta talk! nuimber There was never any red phone linking Washington to Moscow There is a Moscow-Washington Hotline. Howev
Rubin Hurricane Carter was never technically exonerated of the crime he was jailed for in 1966 He was released from prison on a legal technicality i
CRACKEDCO Napoleon's soldiers used the Sphinx for target practice, right? Actually, of all the possible culprits, Napoleon has an alibi set in stone.
The Caesar Salad was named after whom? The Roman Emperor Gauis Julius Caesar? X NOPE. It was named after Italian Caesar Cardini, who made the salad in
CRACKEDO Gulile Villified Publicly called the by rival Pope scientists a fool Sentenced to house arrest with no risk of torture. Galileo's trial wasn'
Without US involvement to stop HIttertwee dall be speaking. German nowa YF Actually, no. Us war dead in Europe was less than 220,000. More than 20 mil
It's one of the defining moments of George H.W. Bush's Presidency: according to The New York Times, Bush expressed amazement at supermarket barcode a
The Wild West is commonly pictured as a lawless place where everyone was a badass, shootouts were common and everyone had a six-shooter or a shotgun w
CRACKED trains MUSSOLIN the time on Make run DID NOT Much of the repair work had been performed before Mussolini and the Fascists came to power in 19
On June 4th 1989 it was widely reported in the West that on the previous night hundreds of students had been mown down by Chinese government forces in

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