18 Historical Events That We Get Wrong

18 Historical Events That We Get Wrong

We all go through life thinking we have a pretty good understanding of history. But sometimes, what we think happened in the past…didn't actually happen that way at all. 

Most of us learned about history in school. Or at least we think we did. As we all know, schools tend to get a lot of things wrong. From Columbus discovering America to the Revolutionary War, here are some historical events that we often get wrong. Spoiler alert: George Washington was not actually a very good military strategist! Read on for more fun facts about history.

The fact is, we've acquired some pretty questionablee historical knowledge, whether through Hollywood conjurings, incorrect lectures, or lousy word-of-mouth. Thankfully, we take pride in debunking all of that nonsense and delivering you with the hot, sexy truth here at Cracked.

To assist us, we invited our readers to drop some mind-blowing knowledge bombs on us. Now we're going to share them with you. So don’t just stand there, scroll on down for some historical events that everyone gets wrong…

Entry by mkad

BRAVAEHEART BRAVEHEART The name Braveheart was not given to William Wallace, it Was given to the king Robert the Bruce, the one who betrayed Wallace

Entry by sixtyeight

GRIGORI RASPUTIN... Always depicted as an evil man in fiction Anastasia (Evil sorcerer ave WO Th A TE 4 - Hellboy ANERLL 4TOOM.THEY A MUIGITY OL (Evil

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