18 Terrifying Truths Only Select Insiders Know

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Hi! How are you? Are you feeling great right now? You are? Awesome! Because we're about make you feel like absolute garbage! Why? Because we're about to reveal some insider information that is absolutely horrifying and absolutely will affect you in one way or another.

Our readers braved the Internet to bring you this information at great cost to their sanity. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ..

Entry by CZM

Flight attendants don't drink the coffee The tanks are coated with grime that accumulates over years of service. The water is cloudy and may contain f

Entry by mkad

Giving blood, we are told, is a generous charitable act we can do, SO that the blood banks can help save lives. Blood banks are reluctant to admit thi

Entry by Drakku

AEDs are incredible, life-saving devices. For example, some studies report survival rates of up to 90% when an AED delivers a shock within the first B

Entry by mkad

The New York Federal Reserve's function is to monitor the big banks, making sure their actions are above board. But the banks have SO much influence,

Entry by JPK

31 CRACKED.COM In the first six months of 2012, 31 Children who either had a case open with or had been brought to the attention of the Tennessee Depa

Entry by mkad

FIight attendants have a long ist of strict procedures and guide- lines that they have to follow. If a passenger passes away on-board, their instructi

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