21 Jaw-Dropping Sex Stories (That Happen To Be True)


There's a ton of sexual tall tales out there, and most people try to pass off as fact. Though we aren't sure why -- while everyone is talking about which celebrity is sticking a rodent up his ass, they're missing out on some awesome stuff that actually happened.

But we're here to set the record straight. With the help of looner-turned-nun AuntieMeme, we present you some of the most insane and true sex stories history has to offer.

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A South Dakota man spent 2006-2007 videotaping himself humping street signs. DO NOT DEAD ENT JUST D ONE WAY NE WA STOP Police found him lurking with h

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Nero had a boy named Sporus castrated, then dressed him up as a bride and married him. Apparently Sporus bore an uncanny resemblanceto Nero's dead wif

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Horace Greasley snuck out of a Nazi POW camp 3 times a week for 5 years, to get laid. He'd fallen for the daughter of an official from a different pri

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Hans Christian Andersen was really into masturbation. We know this The because FAIRY he kept COMPLETE HANS STORIES an extensive CHRISTIAN TALES and CH

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