15 Life Cheats That Will Change Everything


Everyone loves a good hack (we certainly do). And even though it's just a fancy term for achieving things in the laziest way imaginable, it works so shut up, hardworking people.

We asked our readers to once again delve into the trenches of the Internet to bring us some useful hacks that will make our lives easier. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by mkad

39 Celsius...I know it reached the 50's in Australia 1ast Walomtosdgl year, and 0o is freezing. sO.. jacket? Today is: Thursday 27/2/2015 8:27 AM 390

Entry by CZM

OW TO CONQUER LARGE PROJECTS Divide any daunting task into bite-size subtasks. Make each one as easy and attainable as possible. 1. Write down 3 ideas

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