28 Yearbook Shots Fictional Characters Don't Want You to See


It's never explicitly stated, but all your favorite fictional characters no doubt had their formative years -- hell, you even watched some of these characters live through them. So it goes without saying that there are yearbook photos somewhere that we haven't seen.

Until now. We asked you to use the witchery of photo manipulation to conjure these photos for our viewing pleasure. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Kipah

sity Graduates of 204 William Madison Bachelor of Arts I'm gonna be a teacher! N CRACKEDCON

Entry by Paka

SENIOR SUPERLATIVES CRACKEDOON think may wear mig? often! HA HA! Like my it more friendo! sutnner, -Anton Havre a great Biggest Flirts Class Clowns ny

Entry by mkad

28 Yearbook Shots Fictional Characters Don't Want You to See

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