If you have ever clicked “Agree” after an IOS update, you already know that no one pays attention to the fine print in a contract. We all assume it says the same thing on every document and just sign without warning or reading, presuming that it's just fine and basic data-mining stuff that who cares you've stopped reading so you could download stuff on Apple Music.

But sometimes you should really read the fine print. These companies are counting on your complacency and hope you skim too quickly to miss a detail or two that they legally need to address on the document and you sign off on to protect themselves from getting sued. Hell, sometimes the fine print is just a version of “you can't sue us no matter what happens."

Protect yourself by reading the fine print of any contract you're being asked to sign and learn about some current fine print from well-known companies:

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Entry by CZM

More and more companies are adding mandatory arbitration clauses to your ToS. CHASE at&t citi SONY us bank NETFLIX AMERICAN 14.3 Agreement to Arbitr


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