23 Lies Everyone Believes About Fighting (Thanks, Movies)


We all know that Hollywood takes liberties in order to provide us with a flowing narrative, dramatic stakes, or just plain badass action sequences. In doing so, we can see amazing sword fights, gun battles, and fist-fights without worry and without brain cells. However, in order for us to get ultra-charged during these fight scenes, we have to leave real life logic at the door.

Katana blades are the ultimate weapon on the big screen, even though they’re brittle as hell in real life. Machine gun fire would only last a few seconds in small bursts in actual combat, instead of the bullet hell that Rambo provides. And, if you ever do get shot (and we hope you never do), don’t EVER try to remove the bullet yourself.

Cracked’s good ol’ AuntieMeme provided us with some interesting fighting and weapons facts that Hollywood bends the truth about in films and on TV.

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