23 Lies Everyone Believes About Fighting (Thanks, Movies)

We need to have a heart to heart about this. You haven't been told the truth.
23 Lies Everyone Believes About Fighting (Thanks, Movies)

We all know that Hollywood takes liberties in order to provide us with a flowing narrative, dramatic stakes, or just plain badass action sequences. In doing so, we can see amazing sword fights, gun battles, and fist-fights without worry and without brain cells. However, in order for us to get ultra-charged during these fight scenes, we have to leave real life logic at the door.

Katana blades are the ultimate weapon on the big screen, even though they’re brittle as heck in real life. Machine gun fire would only last a few seconds in small bursts in actual combat, instead of the bullet barrage that Rambo provides. And, if you ever do get shot (and we hope you never do), don’t EVER try to remove the bullet yourself.

Cracked’s good ol’ AuntieMeme provided us with some interesting fighting and weapons facts that Hollywood bends the truth about in films and on TV.

HEY RAMBO, A FLESH WOUND IS SERIOUS. A study done on 58 patients with gunshot wounds to the shoulder found that four months after the initial injury,
23 Lies Everyone Believes About Fighting (Thanks, Movies)
We've all geen movies where silencers turn guns whisper-quiet. CTHWIP.) Skyfall. 2012. In reality, a regular gunshot is 140 to 160 decibels. With a si
MACHINE GUNS AREN'T MAGICAL BULLET FACTORIES. They're really meant for short bursts. Machine guns shoot really fast, so they're empty fast. For exampl
23 Lies Everyone Believes About Fighting (Thanks, Movies)
23 Lies Everyone Believes About Fighting (Thanks, Movies)
Contrary to what you see in movies, digging the bullet out of a gunshot wound is unecessary and damaging. The heat from being fired makes the bullet s
23 Lies Everyone Believes About Fighting (Thanks, Movies)
Actual snipers don't use laser sighting. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 2014 That would give away their position and all but announce that someo
If you've been knocked out and don't wake up for hours, you need to see a doctor. Experts say if you're out for more than five minutes, there's a real
GOOD ON THE GUN RANGE DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN GOOD IN COMBAT. A study that examined more than 200 violent encounters found no connection between pro
FLAMETHROWERS ARE INSANELY PRACTICAL They weigh 70 pounds, require you to stand out in the open, and have only about 10 seconds of use. Watchmen.:2009
23 Lies Everyone Believes About Fighting (Thanks, Movies)
Batman and Rachel Dawes never would have survived their fall from The Wayne Building into the roof of a taxi iN The Dark Knight. Let's say you weigh 1
DROPPED GUNS DON'T GO OFF. EVEN AN AU'TOMATIC ROLLING DOWN A STAIRCASE. True Lies 1994 Gun regulations require extensive drop safety tests, to prevent
MISSION: UNSURVIVABLE Using Mission Impossible universe physics, jumping from an -explosion involves surfing the shock wave. Tom Cruise gets a little
23 Lies Everyone Believes About Fighting (Thanks, Movies)
TRANQUILIZER DARTS AREN'T ONE SIZE FITS ALL. 2003 They require a precise dose of medicine. Too little, and they're ineffective. Too much, and your tar
You know that movie moment CLICK. when somebody runs out of ammo? PEOPLE WHo SHOOT GUNS FOR A LIVING DON'T CLICK. SHOOT THEIR GUNS DRY. That's like CL
Those movies where the bullets fly and send showers of sparks everywhere? WRONG. Running Scared. 2006 Almost all bullets are made of copper or copper
SORRY, MARTY. DOC'S DEAD. Even today's bullet-proof vests can't stand up to an assat rifle. Back to the Future. 1985. Even military body armor wouldn'
ARrows shot From a bow OR crossbow aren't necessarily Lethal. Arrows and other long projectiles stay in the wound and keep it sealed so you don't blee
The Mainx 999 It's not possible to aim two guns at once. Your eyes just don't work that way. It's also impossible to re-load. lasisandooroador.omthows
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