It's no secret that the rich and famous party their nuts off. But there's "party your nuts off" and then there's "party your nuts off, pick them up, then do some rad tricks with them."

We asked you to find us the people who fall into the second category The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Matt Lovell

Event schedule for Reith Moon's2lstbirthdayparty Play concert for The Who's first American tour Check into Flint, MI Holiday Inn Empty fire extinguish

Entry by Scott Laffey

On tour in 1984 with Motley Crue, after an evening of binging on alcohol and cocaine, Ozzy Osbourne proceeded to outdo his roadmates by SNORTING A TRA

Entry by Nels Nelsen

CRACKEDcO COM Jane's Addiction front-mar Dave Navarro received a lifetime ban from the Playboy Mansion for using a syringe to squirt his blood on the

Entry by TP3

WHV ALWAYS ANDER ME P Soccer superstar Mario Balotelli had the brilliant idea to LIGHT OFF A TON OF FIREWORKS IN HIS OWN BATHROOM causing a cool 400,0

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