20 Bizarro Scenes Cut From Famous Movies

Polishing a turd is no easy feat, but it can be done -- all you have to do is remove the little kernels of corn.
20 Bizarro Scenes Cut From Famous Movies

Polishing a turd is no easy feat but, contrary to popular opinion, it can be done -- all you have to do is remove the little kernels of corn. Hollywood film editors are probably the best at doing this, and while we like to call out some questionable final products, they have at least de-corned are favorite films.

To show this, we asked you to go find those kernels for our viewing pleasure. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

AYKROYD BELUSHI GHOSTSMASHERS STANTZ Ghosbusters started life as Ghostsmashers, the story of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi travelling through time wi
CRACKEDo COM In an early draf't of The Matrix Neo does not defeat Agent Smith by jumping inside his body Neo instead gives Agent Smith the finger. Tha
In 2005, Disney began development on Toy Story 3 without John Lasseter and his Pixar team. The original treatment had Buzz subjected to a recall and s
BATMAN RETURNS Screenwriter Daniel Waters' original story had Batman enlisting the help of a young mechanic called The Kid to remove the remote cont
Auteur, Gus Van Sant, director of the acclaimed film, Good Will Hunting, had an idea for the screenplay well before shooting began. He told script wri
In an early script for The Fifth Element, Korben decides Leeloo is too sexy and will distract him from single-handedly saving the world after she star
CRACKED.COM When hired for Superman, Marlon Brando tried to get Jor-el to be a talking suitcase or a Green Bagel with his voice. No one knew if it was
An early draft of 1998's remake INT SOKONER of The Parent Trap emphasized an unusual connection a sort of electric shock that occurred OCEP when the t
The creators of the 2013 comedy The World's End originally imagined the bar-hopping gang travelling back in time and encountering their younger selves
If you were among those that complained that the movie ONTACT didn't show enough alien stuff, you'll be sorry to know that an earlier draft of the scr
In the 2008 draft of INTERSTELLAR, when the crew arrive on the icy planet, they find out that a Chinese crew had beaten them to the planet by 30 years
Recognize this creepy, bat-faced guy? He's CHEWBAACCA in an early design sketch. CRACKEDCON
WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN THE WEARD A total of 14 screenwriters and 5 directors led the Wizard of Oz (1939) along its winding road to final a story. Noel L
CRACKED.COM Wanna hear something CRAZY? Superman wasn't supposed to be a goddamn murderer! In the original script for Man of Steel, Zod was supposed f
PRODUCER ILYA SALKIND'S VISION FOR SUPERMAN lll WAS EVEN WACKIER THAN WHAT WE GOT It involved a love triangle between Superman, Supergirl and her adop
For 1985's BACK TO THE FUTURE. before conceiving the idea of lightning powering the 1955 stranded time machine, an earlier plan was to have Marty driv
Movies can change quite a bit throughout the design process. For example, the first draft of Pixar's UP was set against the background of a war betwee
NPR'S Peter Sagal wrote a stirring and gritty war drama SCrIPT about the Cuban Revolution, focusing on a fifteen year old American girl in Cuba at the
STAR WARS Leigh Brackett wrote the original Star Wars sequel. In her version: By the Force. I call you! Minch (later renamed Yoda) summoned Dbi-Wan Ke

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