21 Marketing Tactics That Only Make Us Hate the Product


With decades and decades of clever advertising beneath society's feet, it's understandable that some trends in marketing are getting a bit ... tired. Still, with the money ad execs make, you'd expect a better class of annoyances than the tripe we're getting these days.

We asked our readers to pick out the worst offenders in today's marketing trends. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Ted E.

Repackaging a completely common item and giving it a fancy name has worked amazingly well for the sellers of bottled water, printer ink, and HDMI cabl

Entry by barriss

TODAY ON unnecessarily gendered products: MEGGINGS S:39.95 CRACKEDCON

Entry by mkad

GRICY Mixing blue and yellow paint and putting it on your product does not help the environent. HUGGIES DE erot 3 Mixing red and white paint and putti

Entry by mkad

could The money you OO be saving. No company needs this many fucking mascots. CRACKEDCON

Entry by Niema

Mars symbols, extra x's, extra large products, greyscale tones, man puns, and lots of metal, tools and construc- tion-related imagery to appeal to the

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