14 Paradoxes That Are Real Head-Scratchers

14 Paradoxes That Are Real Head-Scratchers

Life can be a real mystery, but it's not always pleasantly complexing like the following 14 paradoxes.

And yes, not all of these are true paradoxes, but, hey, they're still fun to think about. Lo0seN uP and test your mind skills, my friends! 

If grains are individually removed from a heap of sand, at what point does it turn from heap to non-heap? SORITES PARADOX CRACKEDCON Is a single grain

I know that I know nothing. SOCRATIC PARADOX According to Plato, this was Socrates' supposed response when someone accused him of being the wisest.

When potatoes consisting of 99% water dry to 98% water, they lose 50% of their weight. THE POTATO PARADOX CRACKED COMT The result seems counter-intuit

Pinocchio says, My nose grows now. What happens? PINOCCHIO'S PARADOX My nose grows now! CRACKEDCON 11-year-old Veronique Smith came up with this una

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? IRRESISTIBLE FORCE PARADOX Assume both are indestructible.

On average, most people have fewer friends than their friends have. FRIENDSHIP PARADOX CRACKEDCOMT This is due to a sampling bias: people with many fr

An object in motion can be divided into instances of rest. THE FLETCHER'S PARADOX -GRAGKEDOON If motion is nothing but snapshots of non-motion, then m

Is a historical scientist a scientist from history or someone who studies historical science? BRACKETING PARADOX CRACKED COM Nuclear physicist, hist

If there are infinite stars in the sky, why is the night sky still dark? OLBERS' PARADOX If the universe is static, then how would we not see some sta

Can an omnipotent being create a rock too heavy for themself to lift? OMNIPOTENCE PARADOX CRACKED COM An alternative paradox is Can God create a pris

If a man is created in a total sensory deprivation, will he know he exists? THE FLOATING MAN Avicenna used this thought experiment to argue the presen

The barber shaves all those, and those only, who do not shave themselves. Does the barber shave himself? BARBER PARADOX CRACKED COM The impossible puz

If you can replace any component of a ship and the ship remains the same ship, can you replace every piece and have the same ship? SHIP OF THESEUS CRA
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