15 Actors Who Were Close To Being In The DCEU

15 Actors Who Were Close To Being In The DCEU

Landing a role in a big superhero film can be a big dream come true for actors. You get to portray a larger than life character, get to be seen by billions of people on the big screen, get to have more negotiating power obtaining roles in other movies, and maybe get an action figure or two that looks like you. And money. Lots and lots of money.

However, for one reason or another, many famous actors get close to signing on the dotted line to play Superman, Plastic Man, Condiment King, or whatever character DC Entertainment wishes to make a franchise with, but it ultimately doesn't happen. Sometimes it's due to scheduling, occasionally it's because of an contract issue, or it's because the star doesn't really care for capes and crimefighting.

Here are 15 actors that almost donned the tights of the most popular superheroes, but for one reason or another didn't take the role.

ROBIN WILLIAMS RIDDLER CRAGKEDCON Williams was practically begging to be cast in Nolan's Batman films. Chris, call me, I'll do anything. I could be a


OLGA KURYLENKO WONDER WOMAN She screen-tested for the Amazon princess wearing a bathing suit and leather boots. As one does.


COLIN FERRELL CONSTANTINE Justice League Dark has long been in Development Hell, with colin Farrell's Constantine one of the unfortunate casualties.

ALEC BALDWIN THOMAS WAYNE GRAGKED.COM Baldwin was cast as Batman's daddy in Joker but pulled out due to scheduling issues. It's not easy being host of

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