17 Historical (Bizarre) Moments Left Out Of Textbooks


History has some weird hidden gems.  Consider that Mao was discussing future trade arrangements with Kissinger near the conclusion of the Cold War when he suggested that China offer the United States 10 million of its female residents as a present.

We like to imagine that viral narratives result from the digital age, but strange things have been happening since the dawn of time. Before slipping on rotting fruit deliberately, teens used to have fun stuffing themself inside phone booths and swallowing goldfish. The only distinction would be that they couldn't tell the rest of the globe about their antics at the time.

War is horrible and violent, and it's certainly not enjoyable or enjoyable. However, now and then, some genuinely entertaining nonsense occurs.

Our readers dug deep into the internet and brought you some tales that your history instructor could never tell you because of his swollen genitals. The winner is listed below, but first, let's look at the runners-up...

Entry by CZM

Hastein was a ruthless 9th century Viking, with his eyes set on the city of Rome. He couldn't penetrate the walls, so instead he showed up on a stretc

Entry by Cervus

The Lonely Tree of Tenere in Niger was known as the most isolated tree in the world. Surrounded by the Sahara Desert, it was the only tree, and the

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