Children can be disgusting, infuriating, baffling, awful, and downright dumb. They can be annoying as hell and make you feel exhausted with their energy, naivete, fast metabolism, and their youth as a whole. They can also be inspiring, heroic, badass human beings. 

While they need to do their homework, stop doing TikToks, eat their vegetables, and get off my goddamn lawn, some kids can step up to the plate to be more courageous, caring, and daring than many people five times their age. I bet you haven't stopped a burglar that broke into your house. Nor did you stop a suicide bomber. Hell, I don't think you've ever save one tourist from a tsunami, much less 100 tourists. Basically, it turns out that the kids are alright.

Cracked readers combed the Internet to bring you incredible acts of bravery that'll make you second guess calling the neighbor kid a punk again. 

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Entry by CZM

Iqbal Masih was 4 when his family sold him into debt slavery, an illegal but common practice in Pakistan. He escaped after six years and became a lead


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