Being a celebrity can be fun. You have adoring fans that will support you as you act in a new film, record a new album, write a new book, or do whatever it is you did to get famous in the first place. Your career can blossom and grow, leading to more followers on social media, more people to cheer you on, and then banking more gigs, roles, and jobs thanks to the powers-that-be noticing the devoted audience you have cultivated.

With this going on, you start to get endorsement deals and customized merchandise with your name, your face, your ideas, and your vision on it. This is when you are flying too close to the sun, young Icarus. One expensive yet laughable shirt hurts your credibility. One ridiculous dental floss can lose a fan or 90,000. One crappy panini press with your name on it can jeopardize everything.

Here are some yikes-inducing merch from popular celebrities (that they want you to forget about):

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