15 Criminals Who Hid In Plain Sight: On Your Television

Gameshows are getting slightly better at screening for serial killers.
15 Criminals Who Hid In Plain Sight: On Your Television
Some of these are the desperate attempts of cold-blooded murderers to sway public opinion by acting as concerned citizens on local news. But some are more subtle, and in some ways, more chilling: the "masterminds" who take a hiatus from crime to appear on a dating show or a televised dart competition, and then get right back to murderin'.
Rodney Alcala THE DATING GAME This freak appeared on the uber-popular game show in the midst of his 5-murder killing spree. He actually won, but the w
The BTK Killer LOCAL NEWS KGN CRACKED.CON Dennis Rader, the absolute doofus behind the bind torture kill'' murders, gave off major Eagle Scout energy
Edward Wayne Edwards TO TELL THE TRUTH Edwards appeared as himself .- a supposedly reformed serial murderer -- in between killing sprees.
Don Vito JACKASS CRACKED.CON Vincent Margera was arrested for groping three very underage girls at an autograph signing event. After unsuccesfully arg
Ryan Alexander Jenkins MEGAN WANTS A MILLIONAIRE CRACKED COM After competing on this dating show, but before it aired, Jenkins married and murdered a
Will Hayden SONS of GUNS CRACKEDcO The Discovery Channel star helmed the show for 3 years before being sentenced to 3 life sentences for juvenile rape
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