15 Game Show Scandals That Sure Look A Lot Like Cheating

Et tu, Coolio?
15 Game Show Scandals That Sure Look A Lot Like Cheating

I'll allow that cheating is, broadly, not great. But game shows don't exactly have the high moral ground. At the end of the day, it's all just billionaires dangling sacks of coins above us plebs. Look how we dance for our coins! How droll!

So you know what? If someone spends more time dissecting a game show than the producers ever did conceiving it, maybe they've earned a couple crisp $100,000 dollar bills. Do dollar bills even come in that denomination? I have no idea! And maybe that's the problem!

With no moral judgment whatsoever, here are a few people who may have taken semantic or technical liberties with the rules of a game show:

Michael Larson PRESS YOUR AoCK LUCK 1250 $300 LWE HHLOTIC $100 ONRADIN W $550 500 CRACKED CON Larson noticed the animated sequence wasn't actually ran
Adriana Abenia PASAPALABRA After correctly guessing the titles of several songs, she revealed she'd been Shazam-ing from her lap the whole round.
Thomas Hurley (was cheated) JEOPARDY! What is the Emaneiptortin PrOlamation? CRACKEDo The judges are the bad guys here, as they ruled that the slight
Production staff OUR LITTLE GENIUS CRACKEDCON A parent alleged that producers were sneaking kids the answers to upcoming questions. The show's creator
Coolio CHOPPED CRACKEDGO After time had expired, Coolio snuck a lemon under his arm and armpit-farted some zest onto his beef and broccoli. It was...
Herb Stempel, Charles Van Doren TWENTY-ONE M VA DORE ME. STEMPEL CRACKED 15 COM Stempel won for 6 straight weeks, before Van Doren dethroned him and w
Korilla BBQ THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE IONY I CRACKEDc CON Producers said they were eliminated due to an unfortunate decision, which, at the time, wa
Rick Rockwell WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE? CRACKEDcO A more accurate title would have been Who Wants To Marry An Out-Of-Work Comedian With
Khaled -Katateny MILLIONAIRE HOT SEAT CRACKED cO This self-described Alpha Male bragged in interviews after his win that he'd gleaned the answers by w
Gabe Okoye, Brittany Mayi (were cheated) MILLION DOLLAR DROP CRACKEDcO The couple lost $800k when they guessed that Post-lt Notes were sold before the
Joshua Adam Garcia (JAG) THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR CRACKEDCON This jag beefed up his background to make for a better personal story. He lied about gr
Terry Kniess THE PRICE IS RIGHT oue SHOwdam WINNER CRACKEDco Drew Carey accused Kniess of colluding with audience regular Ted Slauson via intricate ha
Lauren and Frank Cleri MOMENT OF TRUTH CRACKEDcO This show hooked couples up to a lie detector and asked them embarrassing, potentially marriage-endin
Neil Tewani THE BIGGEST LOSER CRACKED G Out of allegiance to his old team, Neil sabotaged his new team by sneakily gaining 17 pounds of water weight b
Charles Ingram WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? A number one followed by one hundred zeros is known by what name? CRACKED CO Ingram and his wife had dev
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