There are plenty of men and women's magazines that offer a bunch of bullshit "Have the Wildest Sex Ever Now" articles. They know it's a bunch of garbage, but they also know that you'll buy it. Well, we're here to help -- and we aren't going to charge you for it.

Our readers dug through the B.S. to bring you facts about sex that science says are true. The best is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by CZM

Scientists in the Netherlands found that wearing SOCKS during SeX significantly increased the chance of orgasms. Cold is a turn-off for both genders,

Entry by slitchz

NEED A NATURAL SEX DRIVE BOOST? Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight can boost your testosterone levels, thus increasing your libido and sex d

Entry by slitchz

DITCH THOSE ABS FOR FLABS! A study conducted by Researchers at Erciyes University found that men with bigger bellies lasted 5 minutes longer than thei

Entry by mortebella

Both Men and Women have Pelvic Floor Muscles. You can use Kegel exercises to strengthen them. When you contract them during sex, it will wow your pa

Entry by CZM

Kissing has They also been shown found that how often to improve couples kissed intimacy in was correlated to a their long-term relationship, relation

Entry by slitchz

CHOOSE YOUR COLOGNE CAREFULLY! Studies show that women show a negative reaction when presented a scent belonging to a relative. This is the body's way

Entry by Fauxman3

HRAK CONT Withdrawal or pull out method is 96% effective when done right. but always remember to pee before starting another round Cowboy! emphasis

Entry by Comunacho

CRACKED COM Want to meet women? Get a baby! And play with it!! ( with him or her, we meant) When in front of a baby, men who displayed caring b

Entry by Scott Laffey

Give her some intimate kisses she won't soon forget by first sucking on a peppermint candy. Celebrates Origta The ALTOIDS MINTS STRONG CURIOUs EPPER

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