We don't want to say to stop seeking out good products because every single one of them are scams. But it really does seem like every time a product sells itself as healing your body and fixing all your problems, it's just snake oil. Except even snake oil has SOME medicinal properties, while the following items are pure crap.

16 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much) - Vitamin deficiencies are bad, sure. But in people with normal diets, study after study have failed to f
Source: BBC

16 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much) - Thinking of using citronella candles to keep mosquitos away? They’re not strong enough to do anything.
Source: NPR

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16 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much) - Unless your manual says you need it, premium high-octane gas will do nothing for your car. You’re not g
Source: FTC

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