Very often, the most recent product is a remedy in search of a world problem that never really existed. You probably wouldn't believe the chunk of utter nonsense at amount one on our ranking of the most completely pointless product of all time (we just can't even believe it).

We would not want to discourage you from looking for decent items–they’re not all scams. But it appears that whenever a product claims to be able to regenerate your health and solve all of your issues, it's only snake oil. Except even snake oil has SOME medicinal properties, while the following items are pure crap.

You've probably read a few stories on the internet about some of the most excellent products; however, today, we've got something a little different for you by providing a list of the most worthless things ever created.

Keep on scrolling for more wild examples of widely used products, that, well don't make much sense…

16 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much) - Vitamin deficiencies are bad, sure. But in people with normal diets, study after study have failed to f
Source: BBC

16 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much) - Thinking of using citronella candles to keep mosquitos away? They’re not strong enough to do anything.
Source: NPR

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16 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much) - Unless your manual says you need it, premium high-octane gas will do nothing for your car. You’re not g
Source: FTC


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