21 Celebs Who Melted All The Way Down

Everyone loves a good celebrity meltdown.
21 Celebs Who Melted All The Way Down

Being in the spotlight is something many people wish to achieve. They go to Hollywood to make it big as an actor, writer, musician, or some other entertainer, then let the stars shine on them. Loads of pictures, interviews, and press junkets await. Their attention-meter gets filled every day, every hour, every minute.

But like many people, sometimes a bad day happens. When us normies have a bad day, we can usually do it privately during our not-so-proud moments. Typically it involves crying, screaming into a pillow, and overeating pizza and ice cream while listening to Adele. 

When celebrities have a meltdown, it can go way out of hand. Sometimes involving screaming matches, violent skirmishes, or fleeing to Belize. You never know when a professional boxer will just stop fighting in the middle of a round, go to his corner, weep, then quit on the spot.

We've gathered some downright odd meltdowns from famous people for you to learn about:

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