27 Mind-Blowing Things Accurately Predicted by Movies


Films, television, and comic books portray some pretty wildly implausible scenarios, which is their job. We don't give them our money to be reminded of real life. But it turns out pop culture has accidentally hit the nail on the head more times than you'll believe. We asked you to dig up the most mind-blowing examples. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by maluba

27 Mind-Blowing Things Accurately Predicted by Movies

Entry by LeXman

CRACREDCON In 2005-06, The West Wing featured a presidential election that pitted a non-Caucasian. hotshot young Democrat senator against an old-schoo

Entry by LeXman

The Wreck In 1898, Morgan Robertson published a of the book about a supposedly unsinkable Titan boat, the largest one ever made, that 06 sank in the

Entry by Danzy

Three brave men step into a capsule in Florida named Columbiad. They are launched to the moon, survive the trip, and return to Earth, parachuting safe

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