Actors Who Got Some Strange Responses From The Public

Some of you are really weird.
Actors Who Got Some Strange Responses From The Public

There’s fandom and then there’s obsessive fandom. Sometimes infatuation with an actor or a character can become so intense that the line between fantasy and reality can begin to blur. As many of these actors realized, once they became objects of trolls, being a superstar doesn’t necessarily help (much).

Although being a member of one of the most popular pop stars of all history, Zayn Malik was targeted by cyberbullies who harassed him due to his race while he was a member of One direction. This isn't exactly super fandom, but honestly intense adoration and outright offensive or creepy behavior can be hard to tell apart.

Look, we're not going to be passed judgment on die-hard fans who get a little too excited while meeting their idols. It's not like we've never ripped our shirts open and exclaimed, "The North REMEMBERS!" when we met Lena Headey at Comic-Con. It happens all the time. However, people's reactions can be, uh, exaggerated at times. Consider the following example:

 Actors Who Got Some WTF Responses From The Public - Michael Kelly has had fans come up and ask him to strangle them like Doug Stamper would do in Hou
Source: EW
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