16 Famous Folks Who Remain Enigmas

What is an Art Collective but a bunch of anonymous weirdos?
16 Famous Folks Who Remain Enigmas

Unfortunately, witnessing a tragic event is among the most ways famous people have been humanized over the years. Whenever it happens to some of our favorite celebrities, we expect them to be open about their personal lives. Further, they always have privacy rights, and there are numerous examples of fans going too far in their admiration for a celebrity. But, even then, we just like having to know that beneath all of their glamor, they're ust regular people like us.

Many public figures claim to want to live quiet, private lives, but only a select few REALLY do. We're talking about edgy artists, political activists, and even those whose deaths were so shocking that living humans would project their hopes and dreams onto their anonymous husks for generations to come.

Here are a few well-known people who have managed to keep their identities hidden:

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Smooching The Couple CRACKED COM These two strangers shared a kiss in Times Square on Victory over Japan Day in 1945. People generally agree that the
The Unknown Woman of the Seine CRACKED COM Once an anonymous body found in France's River Seine in the 1880's, she was promoted to public spectacle wh
Jack the Ripper CRACKED COM This was a real guy who killed real London prostitutes in 1888. He was bad at butchering Chence ripper), but the police
Max Headroom CRACKED COM The true Max Headroom was an extremely 80's artificially intelligent TV host created in 1985. But in 1987, some mysterious
Monsieur Chouchani RE He was a brilliant, disheveled educator who taught an inordinate amount of incredibly successful people. One of his pupils, auth
Babushka Lady This woman shows up in the Zapruder film, snapping pictures that would confirm whether there was a shooter on the grassy knoll. We even
Thomas Pynchon ? THOMAS PYNCHON'S HOUSE COMB ON CRACKED COM The reclusive author, whose work has been turned into famous films like Inherent Vice, act
Green Boots He's one of many morbid trailmarkers along the approach to the summit of Mount Everest. His signature bright green boots have led to his p
The Stig Top Gear is actually on their third Stig, since the first two were publicly outed. The Stig is a entity in a suit that sets lap times for car
The Residents CRACKEDCON They're a freaky little art collective (read: goofus pranksters) who have played surrealist, avant-garde music while wearin
D.B. cooper Some dapper gentleman in 1971 calmly (and by all accounts, coolly) introduced himself as Dan Cooper, then hijacked a plane. He arranged to
The Man in the Iron Mask CRACKED CON Louis XIV kept a high-profile prisoner who was only ever seen with a (probably velvet) mask over his face. He was
Banksy No one's been able to track down (or squeal on) the perpetrator of the most intricate wheatpaste metaphors the world has ever known.
Pussy Riot CRACKEDc A small handful of this feminist punk rock collective are public-facing, but most of the 30-ish members remain anonymous to avoid
Tank Man CRACKED CON This lone dude stood his ground when the Chinese government sent a fleet of tanks to respond, extremely violently, to protests in
The Swedish Assassin In 1986, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot after leaving a movie with his wife. As of press time, the shooter hasn't bee
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