17 Unexpected Accomplishments Of Famous People

Some famous people are pretty talented.
17 Unexpected Accomplishments Of Famous People

Famous people have a lot of talent. That's why, well, they're renowned. However, it turns out that some of your favorite celebrities are far more talented than you may believe.

And over eight million trademarks have been issued in the United States since 1790. Great geniuses have received some of them. More than 1,000 were sent to Thomas Edison. Many others have been awarded to common citizens who have come up with new ideas. But most have gone to folks you might not associate with the lone innovator slaving away in his garage, seeking to transform the world. Meet actors, artists, as well as boxing champions, as well as their creations.

We bet you didn't know Bill Nye has some impressive in the world of dance.  Our minds were blown when we found out that Banting didn't just discover insulin, he also invented one of the world's most potent neurotoxins…

And if they didn't make it any other way, they'd be in the lab concocting things like this...

17 Unexpected Accomplishments of Famous People - Gunpei Yokoi invented the Nintendo Game Boy. The weird part? He got his start at the company as a jan
Source: IGN
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