15 Timeless Things That Are Actually Quite Recent

15 Timeless Things That Are Actually Quite Recent

Some things were already normal when you came into the world, and will likely still be normal when you finally depart it. It's only natural to assume that those have always been around -- that they're an ageless part of the landscape, like the mountains, the clouds, or Cloris Leachman. Not so. Everything people do or make had to be done or made for the first time -- and for some things, that first time happened shockingly close to your birth. Staples of human experience (or at least your human experience) would surprise/horrorize/gross out 99% of humans who have ever lived. Try showing these to your elderly great-grandfather, and see how he reacts.

Black belts aren't a millenia-old tradition. Some Eastern martial arts might be very old indeed but black belts to indicate proficiency were first awa
Source: Judo Info

The five-day workweek is barely 100 years old. Until the 20th century, workers only got Sundays off. A New England mill added Saturdays to accommodate
Source: The Atlantic

Diamond engagement rings are mostly the result of marketing. Engagement rings have existed for a long time, and sometimes they had diamond
Sources: The Atlantic, Brides

White weddings were invented by Queen Victoria. Brides used to wear bright, colorful dresses, until a young Victoria chose white for her w
Source: Vanity Fair
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