16 All Time Stunner Jerk Moves

16 All Time Stunner Jerk Moves

We’ve covered jerks before, and by gum, we will again. You could say it’s kind of our ‘beat’. Sorry to toss a little old school reporter lingo at you. 

Here’s the thing, we aren't saying that going around being an asshole until you're famous for it is a great way to live your life. But it could make for one heck of a story. Behold, some of the biggest acts of dicketry in history. For example, Putin once stole something of immense value from Patriots owner Robert Kraft in an extremely on brand (if potentially apocryphal move). To be fair, the joke really is on the poor folks who genuinely responded to Mao’s call for written criticism.

The fact is, jerks abound in this world, and if you’re going to be a jerk, you may as well as do it in a way that leaves people talking and inspires jerks for generations to come.  Not all of can become a Barry ‘the bulldozer’ Swegle, but we sure can try.

16 All-Time Stunner Jerk Moves - This ancient Egyptian pharoah really hated his predecessor, aunt Hatshepsut. He ordered all her statues thrown in a d
Source: BBC

16 All-Time Stunner Jerk Moves - The Beach Boys fired their manager, the Wilson brothers’ dad Murry. Right before they did, he sold the rights to thei
Source: LA Times

16 All-Time Stunner Jerk Moves - During California’s 2001 energy crisis, Enron shut down power plants on false pretenses to raise the price of electri
Source: CNN

16 All-Time Stunner Jerk Moves - Richardson owned a strip of pavement in New York. He built a four-story building there. It measured just five feet fr
Source: NY Times
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