It's hard to make it in show business. It can be cruel and unforgiving. Most of the time, you have to start at the bottom and, with a lot of luck, you'll be able to work your way up to a major role. (Alternatively, you can be born into Hollywood royalty. That works too, if you can manage it via fate and cosmos.) This biz is so competitive and cutthroat, sometimes even the fictional characters themselves have to follow this start-small-end-big career path. If you are a character created as a bit part, most of the time that's it -- but, much like in real life, if you make the most of your moment and manage to impress your bosses, they might end up giving you another spotlight, then another, and maybe even your own show. 

We've collected these underdog stories, so you can vicariously live the success of people who don't even exist.

Jason Voorhees barely shows up in the original movie. The villain in Friday the 13th is Pamela Voorhees, Jason's mother, seeking revenge f
Source: Screen Rant

The Daleks were supposed to be a one-time threat. The all-evil, pepper shaker aliens were created early in Doctor Who's history- and by the
Sources: The Guardian, The Guardian

Steve Urkel was supposed to be in just one episode. The nerdy neighbor was created to take Laura Winslow on a terrible date, halfway through the first
Source: Los Angeles Times

Phil Coulson was called only Agent at first. Clark Gregg was initially reluctant to take such a small, nameless role for Iron Man
Source: Den of Geek

Xena was supposed to die very soon. Xena was created for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and was intended to kick the bucket after a three-epi
Source: Screen Rant

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