21 Tricks Stores Use to Control Your Brain

Stores know you better than yourself, and have no problem taking advantage of that.
21 Tricks Stores Use to Control Your Brain

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We all know that, even with list in hand, the minute you walk into a store your plan goes haywire. There's a reason for this.

As you're about to see, stores know you better than yourself, and are happy to take advantage of that information. With the help of Auntiememe, we bring you just a few examples of how stores control you.

Retail CRACKEDC stores have cluttered, crowded aisles Creatie SO Getty you will photo: have to slowly work your way through them. The idea is to get y
21 Tricks Stores Use to Control Your Brain
Per- -customer limits trick yoU into thinking a Creaive Getty product is photo: scarce. Yes, sometimes inventory is limited. But beware. Thinking th
Children's cereal mascots are designed with eyes looking downward, to catch children's eyes in the store. LE KS SMACKS SMACKS CoCoA KRISPIES INSIDE! E
Ever wonder why the first things you see when you walk into the grocery store are flowers? Those-stores are priming you. It's a psychological trick th
Sometimes retailers only have one or two of their advertised door buster bargains in stock. sryie Crtrne FU FULL HD In 2010, an Alabama Wal-Mart did
The clearance rack is hidden in the back of the store on purpose. Stores want you to look at all their regular-priced merchandise, first. It's also a
Those food samples in stores are there to get your gastricuices Flourng. Creative Once your stomach Getty gets rumbling, you'll buy photo: more food i
If a retailer removes the dollar sign from a price, you're more likely to buy. Cres Getty photo: The dollar sign makes you think about money, and spen
When people do a Advertising blind taste test, they prefer Pepsi to Coke. But when affects your they can see the labels, they pick shopping Coke. This
Stores with doors on the right do better than those with doors on the left, because people move in predictable patterns. Creative Getty photo: In fact
Petailers use enveronmental fragrancing to make you spend more In the swimwear aisle, you smell coconut. Baby clothes, baby powder. One experiment sh
Some grocery stores use smaller tiles in the aisles with higher- priced items, to slow down your cart. They're not speed bumps. They give shoppers the
Grocery stores shuffle their merchandise on purpose So you have to spend time looking for what you need. The more time you Creative spend wandering th
Ever wonder why everything at the mall is SO shiny? It's human instinct to think shiny things are valuable. Even babies are drawn to shiny things. It
Shopping malls are designed to make you do a lot of walking. Similar shops are never grouped together, SO you creative have to pass as Get many storef
If you do your shopping on a Mac, odds are you're seeing ads for more expensive products than your PC-using counterparts. Creative Getty httolwww.np.o
Kiosks with impulse items are placed near mall entrances to get you to start spending right away. People go through two phases, when shopping- Creativ
Creative Getty Consumers perceive sale prices to be a better value when they're printed in a small, light font. This is according to marketing profess
Product dates are tricking You into throwing away good food, and buying more. If you automatically get rid of milk because it's past its date, don't.
Can I help you find something? actually means, I'm watching: you, SO don't shoplift. BLLLSA BURAG SMIUM ALAA O Creative Getty photo: CRACKEDCONT w
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