27 Celebrities With Amazing Secret Talents

Just how deep do some celebrities' talent go?
27 Celebrities With Amazing Secret Talents

Whether they’re legendary stars of stage and screen or musicians responsible for iconic riffs that get stuck in our heads regularly, we expect our celebrities to be talented. That's why most of them got to where they are. If it weren’t for these talents, they could very well be Regular Joes like the rest of us. (Which is not to say your second cousin once removed who can tie balloon animals isn’t talented–that’s just not a Grammy winning talent, you know?)

But what we don't think about is just how deep this talent goes. Is it possible that these celebrities have even more to offer than meets the eye? That even with their many accolades and prestige, they have even more talents tucked away? That’s certainly the case for these 27 celebrities whose limits know no bounds. With the help of the talented AuntieMeme, we bring you celebrities who could've been famous for completely different reasons that we know them for.

JACK WHITE, OF THE WHITE STRIPES, IS ALSO A FURNITURE UPHOLSTERER. Before (and after) his musical success, White reupholstered furniture. In fact, he
Johnny Cash was a oMt military code breaker. JOMoooyyyyyyyyyYyMhyyssoom//ll:// Cash was assigned to the: llllwltitllnohtoooleholle cryptographic. wwAl
Harrison Ford is an experienced pilot who flies rescue missions. He commanded an airlift of medical supplies to Haiti, polices the Hudson RivER by hel
ACTOR ASONLEEIS A Lee is often credited for either inventing or perfecting the 360 flip, and he still gets out and tears it up in his 40s.
Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) created shockumentary film a exposing racketeering and government manipulation in Japan. TRUTH ENEMY SHOCKING AR-MAKERS COM
Pro wrestling legend The Ultimate Warrior was also an artist. Grelsirplar ane ARE Foehane Di Life, isleaf will UVE FOREE. Hys ire aa Uatilhs Z Yhre ve
KeSha makes crafts out of her fans' teeth. WARR Or she did, until her therapy center announced that itcouid no longer accept human remains in the mail
Longtime British Prime Minister Tony Blair tried his hand as a concert promoter, and sang in a rock band. Like most teens in the 70s, Blair was a big
Pulitzer Prize- Robsst eAmerican SFUN Movlet winning film RussMeyer's critic Roger Ebert alp! wrote soft porn screenplays. Mespolinchestu If you don't
27 Celebrities With Amazing Secret Talents
Pierce Brosnan once worked as a fire eater. He decided to join a fire-eating workshop when he noticed that the women in attendance were topless (for r
VIN DIESEL is a game designero He's played Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years, and opened his own gaming development house to create a Riddick-based
Peter Weller, the original Robocop and Buckaroo Freaking Banzai, just received his doctorate in art history. He holds a master's degree in Roman and R
Dirty Jobs host Mike RoWE is an opera singer, by trade. He wanted to get into acting, but needed to join the union, but couldn't join the union withou
Michael Jackson drew chairs with faces. Turns out the king of pop'was fascinated by chairs, and lawyers sorting through his artwork found a large numb
27 Celebrities With Amazing Secret Talents
Late Beckinsale, who made a name for herself iN films like an Helsing and Total Recall is a literary prodigy who has mastered several languages: When
27 Celebrities With Amazing Secret Talents
Glamorous Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr used music to invent a communication system that laid the groundwork for modern cell phones and wifi. Her solutio
Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton wrote the theme to Thundercats. He's also guest-starred on Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Arrested Developme
Flavor Flav, the clockloving court jester from Public Enemy, is a musical prodigy. As a kid, he taught himself how to play everything from the piano a
TOUGH GUY CLINT EASTWOOD WRITES LOVE SONGS. Besides. recording a cowboy songs album early in his career, Eastwood wrote the love theme for his movie
Creed Bratton, who played Creed Bratton in The Office, was a guitarist for The Grass Roots in the 1960s. The Grass RootS The Grass Roots were a pretty
Queen guitarist Brian May is an astrophysicist, and cO-author of a book on the origins of the universe. BRIANMAY PATRICKMOORE CHRIS UNTOTT BANG! THE C
Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer, when he was a teenager. He did a routine with a lioness named Sheba, who would do tricks. Walken says she w
Actor Chevy Chase has absolute pitch, and played drums for two different bands in the sixties. One group, called The Leather Canary, went on to become

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