18 Common Foreign Practices That America Needs to Steal

We'd argue that these are even more precious than sweet, sweet croissants.
18 Common Foreign Practices That America Needs to Steal

Hey, we know that America is great (SUPER great for our FBI readership out there). But there's always room for improvement.

We asked our readers to think outside our borders for ways we can improve this fine nation. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Feel like a cold beer but don't feel like going to your local wateringl hole? This 1T2717 E- Japanese 0 RE vending $00 TVES 82215 34/01.0 38 machine c
CRUSTLESS BREAD Bimbo (the bread company. not your mom) makes it for Spain... why not for us in the U.S.? CRACKED COM
Parental leave in the U.S.: 60 days of unpaid maternity leave guaranteed Fathers rarely entitled to paternity leave Parental leave in Sweden: 480 days
Every year, the Hindu celebrate the bond between brothers & sisters (and those for whom you feel brotherly/sisterly feelings) during Raksha Bandhan, b
Rouketopolemos Team that launches the Greek for most fireworks to Rocket War ring the rival church's bell wins Easter. Rouketopolemos has incredible
TANG A funeral wake in the Philippines is called a lamay. It typically lasts for three to seven nights. Relatives, friends and acquaintances of the de
RAGKEDo CONT Finland's Maternity Care Box Contains: Mattress Sheets Blankets Snow sutt Hats Mittens Light weather suit Cloth diapers Gonder neutral cl
enjoying CRACKEDOON ephemeral TER beauty hanami flower viewing' celebrating spring with a picnic under 2E58 blossoming cherry trees n and appreciating
American. Milk: Must be refrigerated Shelf life: about 2 weeks AA (if left unopened and refrigerated) O Large,heavy gallonse hard to store, ship and c
ORACKEDCON In Japanese classrooms, students are expected to clean their dlassrooms, hallways azd even bathrooms. This teaches the kids to respect: and
CRACKEDCO In the United Kingdom it is legal for children aged 5 to 16 to drink alcohol at home or on private property.
CRACKED c COM Every year since 1982, French people celebrate LA FETE DE LA MUSIQUE Which means Festival of Music or Music Celebration FI Ittakes pl
La Tomatina, A.K.A. The World's Largest Food Fight takes place in the town of Bunol, Spain on the last Wednesday of August every year. Up to 20,000
CRACKED.COM chy Bringing kids joy Kinder since 1974. SURPRIS Just not in the United States.
Nanar A simplo French word used to describe a film SO bad that it becomos unintontionally funny. CRACKEDCON
CRACKED COM Taking a coffee break is ritualized and almost mandatory at work in Sweden Their coffee/snack break, embodied by the untranslatable word
Poor work due to afternoon drowsiness costs companies billions each year. Meaning To Be Asleep While Present, Japan's solution to this problem is IN

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