14 Movies That Hid Major Plot Points In Tiny Details

The devil isn't the only thing that's in the details.
14 Movies That Hid Major Plot Points In Tiny Details

When it comes to motion pictures, every detail matters. The writing, the costumes, the way a scene is shot, the music score, the lighting, and the color filters are all choices. Yet, even though you are watching a film on a giant, towering room-sized screen or on your 64” smart TV, there can be several details that you never even picked up on. Some of them even contribute to major plot points or character traits.

Some of these are just small bits of character development partially hidden via a small detail in their makeup, props, or costume. Others are clever bits that affect the story but go unnoticed upon first viewing. There are even a few that require super-nerd levels of knowledge of science and comic book continuity.

These cinematic breadcrumbs, Easter eggs, and details are the pop culture truffles that Cracked members live to snort out and find. Here are just a few movie details that could help enhance your enjoyment during your next marathon.

In Knives Out, Marta's flashback doesn't show her putting a foot on the windowsill. That means the mud on the windowsill that Benoit Blanc notices cou
At the end of Return of the King, Samwise is elected Mayor of Hobbiton. sam... whtit and can 1 sily. about BLd scimn? samwise gimgee was electei 25 ol
In 1978's Superman, the fabric at the top of Clark's backpack when he goes to the Arctic is his baby blanket from Krypton. Which means he must have ke
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