You think you know movies? You sure? Positive? Listen, just because you watched a lot of movies on streaming or because you're an older Millennial that had a job at a video rental store growing up, it doesn't mean that you know anything about movies. I mean, some folks are walking IMDB pages but some just talk like they're walking IMDB pages. No need to be ashamed, most people don't actually know much about movies.

Not us though. We at Cracked know a lot about movies. Too much, we'd say. Like we are bursting all over the place, leaking movie knowledge from every single pore of our being. We are sweating movie knowledge and it is gross. We're so gross with knowledge that we have trivia and random facts pouring out from our know-holes as well.

We've compiled a dozen tasty knowledge nuggets to make your brain happy. Eat up in good health.

Now You Know: Impressive Movie And General Knowledge Facts
Source: BGR

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