Part of movie magic is suspending disbelief. Unless you're watching the most droll drama imaginable, you the audience member go in preparing for a little CGI. And so what? What's a little CGI? Movies are escapism! But it's not as simple as building a puppet or animating something on a computer thus far only released to Hollywood and the military. No, CGI artists have to get creative, and then they have to sure no one notices their creativity. Talk about a thankless gig, huh?

Because it's usually pretty easy to tell how movie effects were achieved, right? In older movies, CGI stands out like a badly bruised thumb, like when people are driving in cars and the steering wheel obviously doesn't match up with the back window. And then in new ones, anything remotely exotic is CGI. Sure, that's true in many cases, but filmmaking is still full of surprises. For example...


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